Community Management Tools

Cryptassets provides Blockchain Foundation community managers with a range of capabilities designed specifically to enhance their productivity and assist them in their work:-

  • Collate and review community commentary and discussion across all the social media channels used by members of your community, both official and unofficial, so that you can review it from a single location, and always have a holistic view of what is happening right across your community.
  • Manage the propagation of "official" announcements and blog channels across all the unofficial channels concurrently, so as to project a cohesive and current news-stream across all of them.
  • Aggregate and collate comments and responses across multiple channels, so that you are equipped to address issues, effectively project the "official" position, and identify, intercept, and address "FUD", shills, and bad actors.


These capabilities are made available on a privileged basis, and subject to verification of the applicant's formal role. If you are responsible for managing the community around any blockchain or cryptocurrency Foundation, Token initiative, ICO sponsor, or exchange, please get in touch and we will walk you through the tools, discuss how we can help, and verify your eligibility.  

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