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After the Bell: Tokenization, Institutionalization & Securitization of Blockchain ~ Addressing Possibilities & Realities

Start date March 31, 2020
End date March 31, 2020
Time 17:30
Location: David Game College, London
Event price by The Mankoff Company £21.91 – £43.23


5:45 pm : Registration

6:15 pm Panel Opens
Issues discussed include:

  • Advantages to tokenization of assets

  • The rise of STOs & IEOs & what that means for the investor

  • Securitization – blockchain’s distributed ledger; combining with AI and other possibilities

  • How is this all going to be regulated?

  • Institutional adoption: Crypto assets, blockchain – what is the status now and where will be next year?

7:15: Networking Reception

Panelists to Date:

Adi Ben-Ari, Founder & CEO, Applied Blockchain

Aleks Nowak, CIO & Chief Listings Officer, BlockEx

Ben Sebley, Partner, BCB Group

Stylianos Kampakis, PhD, CEO & Instructor, The Tesseract Academy; Chief Data Officer, TechCity Ventures; Research Fellow, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies

Facilitator: Stacey Mankoff, Managing Principal, The Mankoff Co. & Founder, After the Bell Events

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