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Cryptocurrencies in Modern Finance: A Literature Review

Cryptocurrencies in Modern Finance: A Literature Review

Abderahman Rejeb, John G. Keogh, and Karim Rejeb



Volume 20 Issue 1


The focus on cryptocurrencies in the finance and banking sectors is gaining momentum. In this paper, we investigate the role of cryptocurrencies in modern finance. We apply a narrative literature review method to synthesize prior research and draw insights into the opportunities and challenges of leveraging cryptocurrencies. The results indicate that cryptocurrencies offer businesses and individuals’ lower transaction costs, higher efficiencies, increased security and privacy, meaningful diversification benefits, alternative financing solutions, and financial inclusion. Challenges exist related to the integration of cryptocurrencies in modern finance. These include the lack of regulatory standards, the risk of criminal activity, high energy and environmental costs, regulatory bans and usage restrictions, security and privacy concerns, and the high volatility of cryptocurrencies.The current review is useful for scholars and managers, including those seeking to have a more balanced understanding of these emerging financial instruments.

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