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Published by:

University of Pittsburgh Press


Dr. Peter R. Rizun
(Bitcoin Unlimited)
Prof. Christopher E. Wilmer
(University of Pittsburgh)

Ledger was launched in 2015 to address the growing need for a traditional academic journal dedicated to cryptocurrency research. Ledger aims to encourage greater involvement by academics in cryptocurrency and foster a culture of rigorous analysis and peer-review within the Bitcoin community. It also aims to spur the aggregation and filtering of important content generated across relevant communication channels. The journal strives to serve both the general public and the Bitcoin research community through the dissemination of high-quality and timely scholarly content. Ledger is published in an open-access format by the University of Pittsburgh.

Ledger publishes full-length articles describing original research in all areas related to cryptocurrency and its intersection with mathematics, computer science, engineering, law and economics. Manuscripts are selected on the basis of conceptual advancement, novelty, technical quality, and general interest to the journal’s audience. Submissions of articles related to all areas of cryptocurrency research are welcome, including (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Development of new cryptocurrency computer algorithms/protocols
  • Analysis of existing cryptocurrency algorithms/protocols
  • New cryptographic methods for cryptocurrencies
  • Network analysis of transactions on public ledgers
  • Macroeconomic studies of cryptocurrencies
  • Computer hardware design of new components
  • Novel applications of cryptocurrencies
  • Legal commentary on cryptocurrency uses
  • Finance and the effect of decentralized ledgers on markets
  • Analysis of proposed changes to the Bitcoin protocol or other cryptocurrency protocols

Ledger also publishes review articles (both invited and unsolicited), perspective pieces, and formal correspondence. The journal does not charge author fees.

In an effort to foster transparency, a transcript of the peer-review process will be published alongside accepted articles. This transcript will include all the correspondence relevant to the processing of the manuscript by the journal, including referee reports, author responses and editor comments. Prior to publication of an article, journal staff will embed the hash of the final manuscript within the Blockchain, and authors will be encouraged to sign this hash.

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