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Journal of Blockchain Research

Journal of Blockchain Research

Journal of Blockchain Research

Published by:

International Press


Hong Wan
(North Carolina State University)

The Journal of Blockchain Research (JBR) is a peer-reviewed journal aiming to disseminate leading-edge research and discussions of blockchain technology. Its goal is to publish rigorous, innovative, insightful work of theories and applications related to blockchain technology. In order to facilitate the interdisciplinary nature of the blockchain research, the journal’s editorial team includes experts working in several different areas of research.

JBR seeks previously unpublished papers on blockchain-related research with solid grounding in science and engineering, on topics including (but not limited to):

  • system design and analysis
  • distributed data storage
  • security and privacy
  • trust and certifications
  • mathematics of blockchain
  • data science of blockchain
  • economics, finance, and social science of blockchain
  • manufacturing and blockchain
  • cognitive and behavioral science of blockchain
  • supply chain and service operations with blockchain
  • case studies of blockchain
  • review and discussion of blockchain technology’s challenges, criticism, and future

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