About CryptAssets is built using Thematic Network's Spine for Social Publishing.

Take your online publication to the next level and build a community around your content

Onine publishers frequently find themselves building a community of readers, followers and subscriber around their publication. drawn from mutiple channels across the social media space.Content Management Systems (CMS) may typically provide low-level support for interaction with those people, but rarely provide the tools required to exploit these 'networks' of fans and users to maximum effect.

The Spine Software Platform is a full-service editorial and content management environnment which not only provides the powerful tools you need not ony to manage your editorial team and content offering, but also to bulid and shape your community by offering discussion spaces, collaboration tools and common community features such as user profiles, activity streams and 'friending'/'following' functionality.

On top of this Spine can help you develope your editorial offering by providing the opportunity to incorporate user generated content alongside or embedded within your editorially authored material.

With easy-to-configure tools for managing content metadata and workflows, Spine provides numerous possibilities for curation and disemmination of user-authored content as well as simplifing the creation of customisaable editorial dashboards.

Unlike any other community-based CMS product, Spine comes with a simple syntax for interrogating the community content corpus and selectively displaying content based on your preferences as a publisher. This syntax not only provides for dynamic displays of content within a defined page, but may also be parameterised to allow for the creation of complex page hierarchies with the abolute minimum of effort - and without the intervention of developer resources.

Accessible content management features
Spine employs a familiar page- and block-based model for managing content in specialised content pages. Blocks can be deployed on multiple pages and hierarchically embedded in other blocks.

Powerful tools for interrogating community content
Using a simple syntax (ECML) the entire content corpus can be filtered as in order to display dynamic lists of content based on user id or type, core content data or content metadata specified and defined by site managers.

Parameterised ECML for dynamic page creation and display
By providing the capability to parameterise ECML the process of creating complex page hierarchies of templated pages can be substantially simplified, allowing for improved page consistency and ease of update for multiple URLs.

Inbound and outbound syndication methods
As well as providing RSS output across every available content type and defined ECML dimension, Spine also offers RSS and XML ingestion tools to allow external content to be imported into the site.

Configurable workflows for editorial management
Use our templates or customise your own workflows to provide editorial management for submission, review and publication processes.

Powerful Search Tools
Spine's consfigurable search engine provides full text and document search across admin-specified search spaces and content dimensions while also providing the capacity to selectively modify result sets based on defining field weightings.

Search Engine Optimised
Full optimised for Google search, Spine provides full control of content metadata, SEO friendly URLs and with our new responsive interface also addresses Google requirements for mobile friendly design.

Sophisticated Licensing and Permissions Framework
With Access Control 'bakedin' from the ground up, Spine ensures that content can be targetted precisiely to appropriately permissioned users, and also offers innovate licencising capability that can ensure content is only view by users who have agreed to specified licences.

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