About CryptAssets

When we first started trying to educate ourselves about cryptocurrencies, we were struck by the extent to which the information about each coin or token was scattered across multiple channels without any single unified touchpoint for each blockchain's community... multiple official and unofficial forums, websites, subReddits, Telegram channels, etc. Media coverage of each is spread across a proliferation of formal and informal media, YouTube channels, blogs, academic papers and online publications. Market Data and educational resources exist across a plethora of websites and resources. Inserting yourself into the information flow of even one coin is difficult and requires considerable research and commitment. Then add the proliferation of new blockchain initiatives, each with a quite different information landscape, and the barrier to the simple assimilation and maintenance of an informed perspective about the space as a whole seems almost insurmountable for all but the most dedicated. Much of the progress came from input through members of the respective communities.

So we got to thinking... how to improve that process and provide tools to collect, distribute and maintain the superset of cryptocurrency resource - how to re-cycle our collective experience and make the diverse information about a coin or token accessible through a single real-time navigational touchpoint that would bring all that information to you and put it in context, without undermining the whole decentralised and distributed ethos... and then extend this process to eventually cover every coin and token, incorporating the collective experience and insight of every participant, and allowing it to be updated, shared and refined to provide the richest information resource for the entire community?

This site represents the first step in that journey. We are pooling information from every relevant channel and source, running it through a proprietary process of dynamic analysis, categorisation and data enrichment, and applying active curation and quality control to ensure it is relevant, appropriate and useful. We would like to enlist you in that shared journey, whether you are simply a user, a contributor, or someone charged with managing the community for a blockchain initiative. We would welcome your feedback and participation as this platform evolves, to make it the most useful cryptocurrency resource anywhere.

Investing in Cryptocurrency is high risk. CryptAssets does not offer financial advice. You should do your own research before choosing to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other Altcoins.