No FUD. Only Facts.

Here at CryptAssets, we’re not interested in the hype, the speculation, or the FUD! In our view Blockchain is an emerging technology with huge untapped potential to revolutionise the way we do business – and not only business! The applications are myriad and many might be fundamentally disruptive in many areas of our experience; from Healthcare to Law, from Finance to Publishing,. This is precisely why blockchain and it’s associated tech is such a rich arena for academic study and development in computer science and computational finance.

It is often said that the current state of blockchain is like the internet in its early days, and that may be true, but there is an enormous body of research and academic work already devoted to the subject, and enormous resources are being poured into new research, research centres and business development.

At CryptAssets we want to provide the most complete view of the current state-of-the-art and in doing so we ask the following the questions:

  • Who is doing the research?
  • Who is